Medicare Malaise

November 10, 2020

By: Christopher Long CFA ® , CFP ® , AAMS ®
Investment Manager
Intentional Wealth Strategies

By: Christopher Long CFA ® , CFP ® , AAMS ®
Investment Manager
Intentional Wealth Strategies
Article Featured in the Colorado Springs Business Journal Nov. 8th , 2019

By: Christopher Long CFA ® , CFP ® , AAMS ®
Investment Manager
Intentional Wealth Strategies
Article Featured in the Colorado Springs Business Journal Dec. 27th , 2019

Serious healthcare needs may call for more attentive, hands-on accommodations.

There's a 30% chance we'll see a downturn in the next year, says Chief Economist Scott Brown. Learn more about what that means and why it might be a good time to check in on your financial plan.

Explore how healthcare and technology collide.

New federal tax rules may pique an interest in moving to a tax-friendlier state.

How to find a forever home that’s the perfect fit for your needs.

For some time-pressed families, paying for help with routine chores is money well spent.

When you leave vacation days unused, you’re leaving more than money on the table.

Drew O'Neil discusses fixed income market conditions and offers insight for bond investors.

The markets appear more attentive than usual at this point in the primary race, says Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills; investors “don’t want to be caught off guard” the way many were in 2016.

The Hectic Week Ahead

October 24, 2019

Chief Economist Scott Brown discusses current economic conditions.

Women are wealthier and making waves when it comes to philanthropy.

As you prepare to start claiming benefits, be sure to ask yourself these questions.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to prepping for tax season.

Chief Economist Scott Brown discusses current economic conditions.

Doug Drabik discusses fixed income market conditions and offers insight for bond investors.

A treasure trove of forgotten gains sits unclaimed, and some could be yours.

Consider the benefits and limits associated with making post-tax contributions to an individual retirement account.

Read the latest Weekly Headings by CIO Larry Adam.

Weekly Market Snapshot

October 17, 2019

The trade truce between the U.S. and China may not be much of a deal according to Chinese officials (who wanted further talks), but investors didn’t seem to mind (after rallying the previous week).

Chief Economist Scott Brown discusses current economic conditions.

Weekly Market Guide

October 17, 2019

Review the latest portfolio strategy commentary from Mike Gibbs, managing director of Equity Portfolio & Technical Strategy.

Silencing Phone Scams

October 17, 2019

Bills in Congress offer hope for an end to illegal robocalls. Apps and blocking tools can help in the meantime.

Before you retire, learn to create a paycheck and make the most of the benefits you’ve earned.

Doug Drabik discusses fixed income market conditions and offers insight for bond investors.

Whether you’re quickly approaching Medicare eligibility or have decades to prepare, it’s vital to have a general understanding of this key retirement component. Financial Planning Consultant Tim Brady, CFP®, offers his insight.

Debt and Taxes

October 13, 2019

Chief Economist Scott Brown discusses current economic conditions.

To handle payments for a disabled senior, it's not enough to put powers of attorney, medical directives or guardianship arrangements in place.

Nearly 69 million Americans will see the increase in their payments beginning in January.

Retirement, Ahoy!

October 07, 2019

Some cruise fans say bon voyage to land-based retirement and set sail indefinitely.

On the 80th anniversary of the iconic movie’s release, CIO Larry Adam draws parallels between the film’s themes and today’s financial markets.

Wednesday, stock indices fell to their lowest point since August on disappointing manufacturing and earnings data.

Much lower, says Senior Fixed Income Strategist Doug Drabik – if central banks continue to intercede.

Members of the Raymond James Investment Strategy Committee share their views on the markets, the economy and key themes that are impacting investors.

While some progress remains possible in coming quarters, Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills doesn't foresee a broad resolution being reached in advance of the 2020 election.

As 2019 wanes, consider the many ways charitable giving can brighten a holiday season.

Currently, a simple yield curve model puts the odds of entering a recession within the next 12 months at about 40%.

A complex relationship exists among interest rates, central bank policy, risk asset prices and investor expectations. Learn more from James Camp, CFA.

When was the last time you took a deliberate look at the most liquid part of your wealth plan? Cash Solutions Manager Kristine Zambito explains why investors' cash strategies should be more than an afterthought.

Though many market-influencing variables remain in play, the S&P 500 neared all-time high levels in September.

Kickstart your tax season planning with this list of important deadlines, relevant documents and strategy considerations.

You likely have some goals in mind, but if you need inspiration for yourself or your loved ones, consider these.

Learn more about how savings contributions affect your student's financial aid eligibility.

Carefully sharing your information can help you stay prepared and protected.

When it comes to the versatile health savings account, misunderstandings abound.

Proactive investors know that the months before year-end are an ideal time to make any final tax-saving moves.

As autumn begins, take some time to reflect on your financial progress and tackle year-end planning deadlines.

From naming an estate to overlooking international implications, potential missteps abound. Private Wealth Strategist Cindy Campbell explains why certain beneficiary decisions warrant a second look.

Improve your bottom line with these tax mitigation strategies.

Making your mark through your work doesn’t have to take a lifetime.

Legacy planning that goes beyond finances can help us live with intention.

From dedicated trusts to volunteering, there are many ways to not just leave behind a legacy of generosity, but to live it.

Making a difference can start with how you live your everyday life.

Trust assets can be used for a variety of helpful and enriching benefits, all while not jeopardizing valuable government assistance.

Consider using tax-advantaged accounts to help lower your tax bill.

Your work ethic and the actions you take today can make a lasting impact on the lives of those around you.

Explore a spectrum of strategies that can help you live out your family legacy.

Understand how the ups and downs of investing can alter your financial judgement.

With open enrollment season upon us, ask yourself a few questions to make sure you're getting the most from Medicare.

Interest rates are on the move, retirees want city living and a recession may be around the corner. So what does it all mean for the real estate market? Bill Geis, head of private client banking, discusses current market conditions and shares tips for both new and established homebuyers.

Consider whether this savings account can help cover your international education costs.

Preparing for an unexpected storm or fire can help protect both your personal and financial well-being.

Learn more about what the savings in a 529 plan can help pay for.

When selecting a personal representative, consider the role's many responsibilities.

In addition to economic factors, the situation in Hong Kong and China's role in the opium crisis further complicate the path to de-escalation. Read more from Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills.

Expected earnings growth, the approaching U.S. presidential election and attractive valuations all bode well for equities.

Aggregating charitable gifts could allow you to give during your lifetime and save money at tax time.

CIO Larry Adam explains how the European Central Bank's extensive bond purchases have driven prices up and yields down – all the way into negative territory.

These versatile savings accounts might be the estate planning vehicle you need to learn about.

Despite the small investment of time, mentoring reaps big rewards for both parties involved.

The bond market flashed what many see as a caution sign – but fundamentals, prior downturn timelines and an approaching election all suggest we won’t see a recession for at least a year, says CIO Larry Adam.

Discover smart options to grow your savings.

A 2-year/10-year Treasury inversion has left markets shaken – but don't let short-term volatility get the better of your long-term financial focus.

Education Planning 101

August 13, 2019

Navigate the flexibility and convenience of today’s education savings plans.

Love and money can be complicated. Here’s how to deal with finances before, during and after marriage.

Hint: the world is your classroom.

How to cope with the emotional highs and lows of the early days.

Contribute to the causes you care about with strategies that match your intentions.

Traveling on your own may be your ticket to a life-changing experience.

Medicare open enrollment provides the opportunity to pair coverage with life’s changes.

The S&P 500 has declined approximately 5% since President Trump’s tariff announcement on August 1.

Many of us will face some type of dementia as we age. However, thoughtful and preemptive planning can make a meaningful difference in how our wealth and well-being are attended to.

It can be unsettling for investors when their portfolios and the markets start heading into the red. Here are six investing basics to keep in mind during volatile times.

A higher salary is reason to celebrate – and to take another look at your financial plan.

Discover insurance options to protect your business from the unexpected.

Things to consider – and learn – before joining like-minded folks in a niche retirement community.

Prospective homebuyers should be as prepared as possible to help ensure a smoother purchasing experience.

Documenting your future wishes is especially important if you’re the single parent of an underage child.

The next generation of mobile technology promises to unleash a wave of new possibilities.

5G is just the tip of the iceberg – learn about the technology expected to revamp healthcare, transportation, tourism and more.

Summer’s here and the timing may feel right to get a boat. It’s the dream of 1.5 million Americans who buy their own vessels each year.

What technological advances will 5G unlock? Take a look.

From autonomous vehicles to 5G, technological innovations have taken society by storm. But which will have the greatest economic impact? Chief Economist Scott Brown weighs in.

Explore the possibilities of a smarter, more connected world.

A habit of contentment can lead to a lifetime of joy.

Keeping your beloved home within the family takes planning and communication.

Are you making the transition into married life? Consider these five estate planning to-do’s as you start your life together.

Those spoofed emails and lottery scams may be obvious to you, but they can pose a serious threat to your more vulnerable loved ones.

Many couples don’t agree on when, where or how they’re going to spend their golden years.

The change of season makes for a great time to take a breath, reflect on your progress and set new goals.

While extravagant vacations are great, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make meaningful memories with your loved ones.

Holographic video, remotely-controlled surgery and sophisticated virtual gaming is all fair game when 5G becomes the new mobile tech standard.

When it comes to giving back to good causes, volunteering gets to the heart of the matter.

Where should you meet? What should you discuss? Who should be there? Consider these suggestions.

In the wake of a natural disaster, online resources are available to help you seek federal assistance and answer your questions along the way.

Selecting your portfolio’s asset mix is a paramount decision – so give it the thoughtful consideration it warrants.

A volcano in Hawaii, wildfires in the West, floods in the Midwest, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, snowstorms in the Northeast – what’s a business to do?

Donating appreciated equity can be a gift for both you and your favorite charity.

It won’t always be easy, but it’s worth deciding how you want to share your legacy so the process goes smoothly.

Many couples are hesitant to discuss money – but conquering that discomfort is necessary to get your spending, saving and long-term goals in sync.

Simple steps like checking in frequently and blocking robocalls can make a meaningful difference.

Knowing these common legacy pitfalls can help your family avoid them.

When volatility hits, keep a cool head and consider taking advantage of potential opportunities.

Generation-skipping transfer trusts allow you to pass down your wealth in a tax-efficient way.

In this rate environment, shorter maturities may seem alluring – but don't overlook the potential reinvestment risk.

Incremental steps will get you closer to a healthier financial plan.

Along with geopolitical concerns and 2% inflation expectations, the aging U.S. population contributes to a “lower for longer” interest rate outlook.

“We can make a real difference everywhere we are – and have fun doing it,” says the industry icon who chaired Raymond James for over 40 years.

With tuition costs (and student debt) at record levels, saving diligently and strategically can make a real difference for your kid or grandkid.

Here's how to integrate the benefits of enterprise mobility in an increasingly mobile world.

Give your family the best shot at preserving wealth from one generation to the next.

Many of us look forward to the freedoms that come with getting older. No more 9 to 5, fewer expectations and responsibilities.

As the job market strengthens, offering prospective employees the right benefits can help boost your firm’s appeal.

Streamline your day with these simple suggestions.

As you plan for the future of your business, tools and strategies exist to help ease the impact of taxes.

Teach your children to treasure their financial legacy.

While it’s never easy to watch stocks fall, CIO Larry Adam sees any current weakness in the market as a potential buying opportunity.

The surprises that come with widowhood don’t have to catch you off guard.

Hear why CIO Larry Adam believes this positive market environment may last a lot longer than you expect.

A Circle of Care

May 01, 2019

Meet the eldercare specialists you didn't know you'd need.

Navigated thoughtfully, a career change can be fruitful and rewarding.

Retiree in Training

April 30, 2019

Practice makes perfect when it comes to retirement.

Without the right locale, “the trends are very much against the economics,” explains Paul Puryear, Vice Chairman of Real Estate Research.

You probably aren’t passing down a railroad empire – but it’s still important to set your heirs up for success.

Revisiting your allocation helps keep your financial plan aligned with your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Learn about using 529 plans for more than just college savings.

Make the most of your employee benefits.

Every family has a skeleton or two in the closet; a grandson with a history of substance abuse; a daughter who married someone careless with money; a ne’er-do-well brother with a string of petty crimes in his past.

Is the trend due to financial challenges or lifestyle preferences? A little of both, says Paul Puryear, Vice Chairman of Real Estate Research.

An introduction to the ABLE Act and ABLE accounts – how they work and why they're important.

For corporate executives, taking the next step toward retirement means managing your earnings in the most tax-efficient way possible.

There’s no doubt about it. Filing for Social Security can be daunting. There’s a ton of information – and misinformation – to weed through, as well as the need for some calculations based on several variables.

With thoughtful planning, you can help ensure the future care of a loved one with a disability.

The flexibility and stability of cash is hard to beat. Just don’t hold onto too much of it.

Shine some light on these common misconceptions to help get the most from your hard-earned benefits.

Learn whether you qualify for this new and significant deduction.

Taking care of yourself financially is crucial – but so is attending to your internal balance. Practice Management Consultant Lori Raiti explains how mindfulness can help.

You’ve got options if your best-laid income plans veer off track.

Learn why many adults consider taking a year off during the middle of their career.

Make no mistake – supporting the arts has benefits for our communities, the economy, our tax bills and more.

A longer lifespan means more years to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But have you planned for all that a longer retirement can mean?

In a brave new world, technology is adding to quality of life.

Research reveals that more and more retirees aren’t actually leaving the workplace.

Keep an eye out for warning signs and reduce your vulnerability with a few simple tips.

Among the list of least-wanted heirlooms? Fancy dinnerware, dark brown furniture and sewing machines.

The Art of Giving

March 12, 2019

Thinking about donating your beloved collection of cars, art, antiques or jewelry? Keep these considerations in mind.

Regulations and social conscience both play a role, but it’s economics that are truly driving sustainable change, says Energy Analyst Pavel Molchanov.

If your selections fall into any of these categories, they might be worth a second look.

Pets can bring incredible joy to retirement – and responsibility.

International families are often unaware of planning challenges they may face when leaving wealth to beneficiaries in the United States.

Surprised by a tax bill this year? Consider ways to pay without interrupting your financial plan.

Find the right mix of insurance coverage to live with confidence.

Determining how to address substance abuse and addiction among your beneficiaries can be a sensitive and difficult decision.

“It’s an incredibly complicated industry,” acknowledges Healthcare Policy Analyst Chris Meekins. For many people, it can be “really difficult […] to understand what’s going on.”

Breaking even is the goal. But if you find yourself receiving a refund this year, consider these ideas for putting it to work.

Whether you get a refund, or end up owing, you have options.

When you bring a child to work, you introduce them to a whole new world – and a new side of you.

Review your estate plan to help avoid costly consequences.

Though selling a business is rarely a cakewalk, the right preparation can help you make the most of your hard work.

Women may be in for double the planning when it comes to managing windfalls.

Be a Cultural Chameleon

February 02, 2019

Adapting your style to the norms of another culture isn’t being inauthentic – it’s just smart business.

Play to your strengths to run a lean company.

Hear what investors can expect during this “period of known unknowns” – Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills offers perspective.

Countless studies show that women aren’t as afraid of investment risk as many seem to think.

Take a look at how your retirement benefits can replace your workplace paycheck.

It may seem like common sense, but going back over the information you enter may be the most important part of your tax filing duties.

Expectations for the economy, volatility, stocks and more – Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam addresses it all in this 15-minute episode.

Smart moves at the beginning of tax season can help get your financial house in order.

What can investors expect from the financial markets this year? Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam offers his perspective.

Chief Economist Scott Brown reflects on the 10-year anniversary of the Great Recession.

Want to keep your personal information and identity secure? Andy Zolper, Chief Information Security Officer, offers actionable tips.

Does your holiday wish list include something that might jeopardize your personal information?

12 Resolutions for 2019

December 17, 2018

Start the new year right by reviewing and revamping your financial plan.

Owning too much of a single security can be hazardous to your wealth.

As you consider making any final year-end tax planning moves, review the major changes that are now in effect.

Learn how to protect your identity when shopping online.

Keep these considerations in mind when helping your kids purchase big-ticket items.

Learn more about how to strike the right balance with your business’s cash management.

How can your business attract, hire and retain good talent?

Social Security Basics

September 28, 2018

Before you decide when and how to file for Social Security, it’s important to understand the basics.

All major U.S. equity markets are currently at or near their highs. Mike Gibbs, Managing Director of Equity Portfolio & Technical Strategy, weighs in.

When selecting who should take on this important role, there are several factors you should consider.

Financial fraud is on the rise, but it’s possible to outsmart scammers.

As the number of cyber breaches increases, efforts to safeguard your business should increase, too.

Check out six traits that successful people have in common.

When children leave home, you may have extra resources to invest in yourself.

Today’s retirees are choosing from a variety of retirement styles. What’s yours?

With people living and working longer than ever, it makes sense to have a work environment where every generation feels welcome, happy and productive.

Raymond James is proud to be working with EverSafe® to help you protect your money, credit and identity.

Through their holistic approach, Broadspire® can help successfully address the many challenges involved in caring for aging or disabled loved ones. They do this by taking on responsibilities such as interviewing and screening in-home caregivers, hiring contractors for home modifications, attending and coordinating medical visits, planning outings, visiting clients to celebrate special occasions and more.

Please answer this questionnaire and bring it to our next meeting or send it back via email. This will help drive our discussion around the longevity planning resources offered to you as my client.

Working With You To Simplify Medicare Decisions

When you become a member of PinnacleCare, you can expect to have your most pressing medical questions carefully addressed. Questions such as: Is my diagnosis correct?

Get to know the responsibilities of joining a board.

Establishing your legacy is so much more than passing on financial well-being to future generations; it includes your health wishes, your family information, and even your favorite recipe. That’s why we’re offering you access to Everplans, a highly secure online tool dedicated to transforming the way people get their families organized. This life and legacy platform is built to help you compile all the details about your will, trusts, doctors and more.

A Vital Role

February 21, 2018

It’s time to take charge of your relationship with your healthcare provider.

Yearning for warmer winters? Think about what it'd mean to leave your nest – temporarily – and establish a new one.

Get Financially Fit

February 02, 2018

Eight moves to whip your tax strategy into shape.

From 2016 to 2020, online retail is expected to grow by 12%.

Startup financing turns entrepreneurial ideas into real business.

Dealing with Divorce

January 31, 2018

Parting ways with a spouse can be stressful and challenging, and navigating the process requires careful planning.

A Healthy Choice

January 29, 2018

Health plans are the top benefit choice among employees.

The Professional Parent

January 29, 2018

Modern moms juggle the demands of parenthood and a full-time career.

The road to and through retirement is dotted with time-sensitive financial planning milestones.

Generate seamless life transitions by tailoring your plan to the needs of both you and your spouse.

Think of it as doing it your way, with a little help on hand when you need it.

CCRCs offer a continuum of care for the duration of one’s retirement – from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing.

From physical therapists to visiting nurses, a host of professionals can facilitate the comfort of remaining in familiar surroundings.

This housing option for aging adults can address individual needs, but costs and restrictions vary considerably.

If you have to make personal budget cuts, trim items large and small. Consider these ideas for ways to reduce spending.

No matter where you are in life, you have probably thought about what you might like to do with your future. Achieving your vision for the future requires planning.

Help your money last with these tips to generate and manage cash flow after you stop working.

Do you have all the answers? Ask your advisor.

You want to grow your business and are looking for ideas. One opportunity you may want to look at is sustainable investing – where investors (and consumers) aim to make a positive impact on society and the environment by factoring environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment and purchasing decisions. How can you get involved in this trend? Yes, one option is to invest in it, but another is take those best practices and incorporate them into your business. Venture capital firms are investing more and more in companies that maintain socially responsible principles, while a growing number of consumers – particularly millennials – are shopping with their conscience.

More women have become economic forces within the modern workplace.

Be mindful of how – and when – losses are used to offset gains.

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined – in fact, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia1. These statistics, combined with the fact that Americans are living longer and are having smaller families, mean that planning for incapacity has become just as important as (or even more important than) end-of-life planning.

Legacy planning is a chance to engage your spouse and heirs with deep, meaningful conversations about health, wealth and the future.

Defend yourself with simple, everyday practices that can help protect your identity, your accounts and your devices.

The Upside of Upsizing

September 06, 2017

Empty nesters often simplify life by downsizing. But what if a bigger place with room for several generations really suits you?

First-time caregiver? Here’s how to navigate your rights and resources for the job.

Here's how technology is helping address three common caregiver concerns.

Technology has already changed the way we purchase nonperishable goods. Now, consider how it may alter how we purchase, prepare and consume food.

Dialogue and documentation to help you provide the care your loved one desires and plan for your own needs in the future.

They're caring for aging parents, supporting children, and balancing competing financial interests. Here's who they are and how they're making it work.

From waiting room to living room — how telehealth is giving caregivers a helping hand.

Caregiver burnout affects millions. Here’s how to fight it.

Tap into available strategies to ensure a smooth transition for those you love.

Weigh these factors first when considering when to borrow.

Drafting a succession plan now can help your business stand the test of time.

There's a potential new investor for business owners seeking to get to the next level.

While interest in sustainable investing has grown in recent years, myths regarding the popular strategy abound.

These nine commonalities may lead to a longer, healthier and happier life right where you are.

Social Security offers benefits to family members who depend on you, so it’s good to know who is eligible.

Explore why changing demographics mean there won’t be a manufacturing renaissance, and learn where job growth is shifting.

Consider protective strategies well before you retire.

When you plan for retirement, it’s important to consider how Social Security is taxed to know how much retirement income you’ll actually have.

529 education savings plans are more versatile than you may think.

Small investments in your physical and mental health may really pay off.

A sponsored IRA might be just the thing to help your staff save for retirement.

Be the Change

May 10, 2017

Nonprofits benefit when you invest your time and talent.

Know what you can tweak to find your ultimate retirement income mix.

The attractions of an adventurous lifestyle tip the scales for many retirees.

Branching out allows your savings to weather different seasons.

Avoid unnecessary headaches by keeping digital assets in mind when planning for your estate.

No one plans on getting sick or becoming disabled, but ironically, planning for these potential life-altering events is exactly what you should be doing.

This all-important retirement income source is tricky, especially around times of transition.

These celebrities' tales are a strong reminder to review your estate plan before it’s too late.

You Are What You Think

February 01, 2017

An optimistic outlook can enhance your health, your work and your daily life.

Whether you're in your 20s or your 50s, there are steps you can take to help ensure a comfortable, secure retirement.

Consider this calendar of best practices to help ensure your business is primed and ready to sell.

Beginners and billionaires alike should refresh their knowledge of these basic estate planning terms and concepts.

Engaging a well-rounded team of professionals and loved ones is essential to making sure that your financial- and estate-planning bases are covered.

An act of generosity can benefit the benefactor, too.

Preserving Family Wealth

November 20, 2016

Help your family maintain its financial strength from one generation to the next.